Promoting the improvement of dairy quality and safety

in the interest of the dairy industry and the consumer

statutory projects

2. Complaint Investigations

Investigations regarding complaints received in respect to possible product non-compliance with legal standards.


Project goal purpose

To provide and maintain a platform that can be utilised by any interested party or stakeholder concerned to log a complaint/s regarding food safety and compositional and metrology standards of milk and other dairy products, for possible investigation by the DSA. Based on the findings and merits of the investigation, the DSA may consider proceeding with the facilitation of remedial action plans between the processor and/or distributor and the respective government institution/s.

The project goal makes provision for the following:

  • Submitting of all formal complaints from consumers or any other persons (which include milk producers, processors, retailers and the general public) via the DSA website, electronic mail, telephonically, post or personal contact.
  • Evaluate complaints on the basis of information received in terms of the appropriate legal standards in the footnote.
  • Plan and implement appropriate actions, such as investigating and sampling. This may include appropriate testing and evaluation of raw and/or any related heat treated milk, as well as any other dairy product in terms of legal standards.
  • Initiate remedial action based on prima facie evidence and convey information to Project goal 6, Communication with authorities and other organisations.
  • Communicate findings in a confidential manner as per standard operating procedure to the respective parties involved.

1. The legal standards are determined by the following regulations issued in terms of the following acts:
    Agricultural Product Standards Act 1990 (Act 119 of 1990), Regulation 260 of 27 March 2015.
    Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act 1972 (Act 54 of 1972), Regulation 1555 of 21 November 1997.
    Trade and Metrology Act, 1973 (Act 77 of 1973).


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