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The Prudent Use of Antibiotics

The prudent use of antibiotics

Antibiotics have revolutionised the world of medicine, for both human and animal health. They are especially valuable in maintaining the high-health status of today’s incredibly efficient cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats and have played a critical role in keeping livestock healthy and productive.

Nevertheless, for all their benefits, antibiotics also need to be used with caution.

Violative residues in edible animal products can cause severe allergic reactions in antibiotic-sensitive humans, contribute to the development of resistance, and interfere with product manufacturing.

We have a combined responsibility to be committed to preserving the value and correct use of these products.

Watch the recording and don’t miss out on an insightful session on the prudent use of antibiotics!

Download the presentation:  Download DSA 17052022 PRUDENT ANTIBIOTICS.pdf

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